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Commercial Dish Machines

Using machines frequently can cause damage to even the best ones. Maintaining your equipment and conducting strict checks can help extend its life. Our commercial dish machine repair services can help you if your dish machine has trouble and needs quick repair work. Just give us a call, and we’ll be able to send our team for assistance and inspection.


Baking is fun as long as your oven doesn’t give you a headache. Complete Certified Ind can aid you in this matter if you’re not ready to deal with baking disasters and wish to stay on the go. If your oven is infected with bugs, feel free to hire oven maintenance experts who specialize in dealing with oven repairs. You can also contact us for urgent mishaps and get our immediate assistance


Preventing the occurrence of refrigeration problems is the best way to overcome them. We guarantee our customers that their coolers, freezers, and other refrigeration equipment is running smoothly without any problems. Separate refrigeration-related operations teams are available at Complete Certified Ind to handle refrigeration bugs.

Flat Top Grills

The poor condition of flat-top grills can impact your food’s flavor or may end up showing a red flag at the very last moment. To stay ahead of such inconveniences and to make sure that your grill is always working properly, we offer a monthly maintenance service where our team visits your restaurant or site and makes sure that it is always ready for use.

Char Grills

Looking for a professional grill fixer? We got you! Our experienced service technician can bring you back to grilling. Book your grill repair appointment today. Our company specializes in Chargrill repair assistance. Our barbecue grill fixing services are quick, convenient, and cost-effective for everyone. Contact us now!

Groen Steamer

Choose CCI for your Groen Steamer maintenance or repair services and get rest assured about its smooth working. In line with this, if your machine parts happen to require replacement, feel free to ask for help. We provide premium machine equipment along with reliable services. Call our equipment repair agents or engineers and let them fix the bug in your machine.

Beef Coolers

If you own a restaurant and keep the meat in huge stock, then you surely cannot afford any kind of inconvenience in your beef cooler. Our beef cooler assistance involves maintenance and repair services. In order to avoid any kind of uncertainty with your beef cooler, hire our engineers for weekly or monthly inspection of your cooler machine and stay at the top of your game.

Wine Cooler

We offer on-site services and aim to serve all restaurant owners who don’t like compromising on customer services. For those who need in-house service support for their wine coolers or don’t want to disappoint their customers, our team is ready to serve you.


Complete Certified Ind has been catering to a huge range of food service providers, from helping small breakfast food corners to big restaurants. We assist in diverse units and locations. In case your vent system is not working properly or a dust or humidity buildup has caused a blockage, then take our professionals into the loop.


Kitchen hoods have become a necessity in modern kitchen interiors, and their absence can create a big mess for you. If you feel the need or the one you have needs maintenance, then call us. Our pro engineers will reach your location and handle it with care. There is no need to stress over these little issues; avail of our kitchen hood installation services right at your doorstep.